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The Rebirth of the Oregon Heart Club

On October 4, 2004 the Oregon Heart Club, formerly known as the Portland Heart Club was reborn. Please note the 2 familiar faces in both photos - 40 years apart....Albert Starr and Michael Brodeur!

Oregon Heart Club - 2006

(Front Row:Left to Right) George Panteley, Mike Widmer, Willis Boicourt, Albert Starr, Michael Brodeur, Stuart Trenholme
(Second Row:Left to Right) Tony Furnary, Richard Wilson, John Rudoff, Pasala Ravichandran
(Top Row: Left to Right) Alan Morasch (ACC Chapter Administrator), Douglas Burwell, Storm Floten, Vince Reyes, Brian Gross

Portland Heart Club - 1966

(Front Row: Left to Right) Howard Lewis, William Conklin, Leonard Goldberg, Albert Starr, Scott Page, Jack Bigelow
(Second Row: Left to Right) John Wild, Leonard Ritzman, Wayne Rogers, Isadore Brill, Charles Coffen, Marvin Schwarz, James Wood
(Third Row: Left to Right) Melvin Reese, William Hurst, Gordon Maurice, Cyrus Farrehi, Robert Toon, Paul Dygert, John Bussman, Donald Sutherland, Rene Malinow, Frank Kloster, Donald Kassenbaum
(Top Row: Left to Right) John Murphy, Franklin Underwood, Unknown, Michael Brodeur, Stanley Bergquist, Ralph Reaume, Harry Ditmore, T. David Lee, Aftab Ahmad

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